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Solitaire Microscope - The rise of Man

This is a solitaire game of Microscope, where I use simulated players to inform the rough direction each turn is gonna go, but the actual contents are sparked by the Tangent Zero dice: http://tangent-zero.com/zero_dice/zero_dice.htm

The Simulated Players
Anthony [A], interested in exploring new lands and regions, creating covenants between different factions and building kingdoms from warring tribes. His interest lies mostly in politics, and he will work towards unique systems of governance. He often dissolves conflicts.

Brian [B], interested in the creation of unique creatures, cultures and places. He is interested in dragon biology, orc culture and the waterfalls made from mother nature's tears. His interest lies mostly in the unique and exotic, and he will work towards adding things to otherwise mundane things. He will often add things to other people's work to make it more bizzare or exotic.

Claire [C], interested in epic conflicts and confrontations. She is interested in the betrayal of the elves by the necromancer, the war of the hammers and the confrontation between the mad archwizard and his sorrowful apprentices. Her interested lies mostly in the dramatic, and she will work towards breaking a status quo for the sake of drama. She will often add shadowy plots, wars and other such things.

The Seed
Primitives leave their caves and found the first cities.


  • Fast travel by flight. Huge birds, flying carpets or something left up to the game. [A]
  • Magic items, including weaponry. Things that spark with force and cause havoc. [B]
  • Animist deities, a balance between the gods and nature with the lines blurred. [C]
  • Monsters, magical creatures that are hostile to humanity. [B]
  • People being turned into monsters through curses and the like e.g. vampirism [C]

  • High-tech gadgets, those should just be magical in nature. [A]
  • Potions and other forms of alchemy [A]
  • The undead, all terrors in this world come from the living or the divine [B]
  • Spiritual powers, or gifts from the gods. The gods in this world are uninterested at best, outright hostile most of the time. [C]


First Lens: Anthony
  • The focus: the tribes of Lem
  • Legacy: The Milorn-Lem war

Review: this is a world of monsters, where magic forms an integral part of culture, politics and people's worldview. Magic is shamanistic in nature.

Second Lens: Brian
  • The focus: monstrous plants / the flora of the world
  • Legacy: The leviathan Sydah

Review: this world has plants who are almost sentient and can move on their own accord, some people can command plants, and there are even the Ledurai who have become partially plant-like themselves. Plants are strongly tied to magic.

Third Lens: Claire
  • The focus: The Milorni Empire
  • Legacy: The experimentations performed on the Naderi.

Review: the Milorni are beast-men made this way through experimentation. They tried to capture Sydah for their own (nefarious?) purposes, but this plan backfired on them. Instead of accepting their own failures, they blamed the Lem and sought to exterminate the jungle-people. The leviathan Sydah has lesser monsters in its service, who seem to be intelligent and also know magic.

Fourth Lens: Anthony
  • The focus: The great beasts of the world
  • Legacy: The destruction of Pevet.

Review: The Milorni instigated great hunts against the great beasts for the sole purpose of imperial dominance. However, when they can ally themselves with one such beast they prefer that course of action. Their hunt for the beasts has had grave consequences for both the Milorn as well as their neighbouring realms. The beasts themselves are dangerous even in death. Likewise, they are the first teachers of magic in the realms.

Fifth Lens: Brian
  • The focus: the descendants of the Naderi
  • Legacy: The tribe of the wyvern

Review: There were more tribes than previously mentioned, chief among them the Tandir who founded Pevet. Moon-magic is highly ritualistic and requires someone to take on the façade of the moon. The Netan Isles, once home to humanity, fell to violence and the experimentation of dark forces.

Sixth Lens: Claire
  • The focus: The city of Jali
  • Legacy: The enslavement of Sydah by the Elders

Review: The city of Jali was ruled by a council of magically-gifted Elders who protected the city with their sorcery and enslaved the leviathan Sydah. Somehow, the protection of the Elders failed and the city was finally conquered by the Milorni.

The History

(Start) The rise of Man (L). The deity Kiaras creates the first Men: the Naderi. They spend their days hunting across the Netan Isles. Life is not easy, but there is enough for everyone and people live well.

Period The discovery of magic (L) [A]
  • Event The bat-goddess Iduk teaches the Nader Ler the first magic: the sorcery of the moon. (L) [A]
    • Scene How does moon magic work? [B]Answer: The user must bask in moonlight and don the façade of a creature associated with the moon, whether that is the moth, the bat or the serpent. However, overdose of moonlight for the sake of magic can cause damage like bleeding from the eyes.

Period The Naderi Secession (D) [A]
  • Event The shaman Lem leads several clans to the Sanove Peninsula where they become known as the tribes of Lem (L) [A]
    • Scene Why was the tribe of the wyvern banished from the Peninsula by Lem? (D) [C] Answer: They were cruel and sought to overthrow Lem and use the gift of magic against others for their own gain.
  • Event Some head to the large island of Ledura, where they grow symbiotic with the local plantlife and become the Ledurai, alien plant-people in tune with nature magic. (L) [B]
  • Event Travelling only by moonlight, the city of Milorn was founded by wolf-headed people. (L) [C]
    • Scene: Why did the Milorni leave the Netan Isles? (D) [C]Answer: They were the target of hideous experimentations there and had to leave for their own safety – hence the wolf-heads.
  • Event The Tandir followed the turtle-island Rako to the mainland where they founded the city of Pevet by the light of the moon. (L) [B]
    • Scene: Why did they follow Rako to the mainland? (L) [B]Answer: They were fleeing the violence that had become the norm on the Netan Isles, for the remaining tribes all waged war upon one-another. The turtle promised peace.

Period The supremacy of Jali (D) [C]
  • Event The Elders of Jali magically enslave the great beast Sydah to protect their city from roving tribes of raiders. (D) [C]

Period The founding of the Milorn Empire (L) [B]
  • Event The general Arhorn invites the tribal leaders of Milorn for a gathering, and has them executed. He declares himself emperor. (D) [C]
    • Scene Why did the tribal leaders not suspect anything was up until it was too late?Answer: They held his son hostage, who would be executed if anything happened to them. Arhorn did not care.
  • Event The conquest of Jali (D) [B]
    • Scene Why was the surrender of the Elders of Jali such an important moment for the Milorn Empire? (D) [A]Answer: Because the Elders, being practicioners of ancient magic, had sent the city away on several occassions and consistently thwarted the Milorn's ambitions. Without Jali, they lost their greatest rival.

Period The unification of the tribes of Lem (L) [B]
  • Event The great hydra Adum destroys several villages in Lem territory (D) [B]
    • Scene Why did the hydra start rampaging? (D) [B]Answer: It was summoned by the Elders of Jali to fight the Milorn, but after the surrender the beast could no longer follow the command, causing it to go mad through the magical obligations.
  • Event The first Lemmian dream journey to elect a leader – through the ingestion of poisons –  is undertaken, and the new leader of Lem is chosen: Rova the Youthful. (L) [B]

Period The beast-hunts of Milorn (L) [B]
  • Event The covenant between The Seraph League of Milorn and the great crab Num (D) [A]
    • Scene What did the Seraph League get out of an alliance with Num? [A]Answer: It would grant them dominance over the seas and supremacy over their enemies.
  • Event The taking of the heart of the great bird, Lire (D) [A]
    • Scene What horrid thing was unleashed when they took Lire's heart?Answer: Poison-coated maggots covered in teeth crawled out of its arteries and began attacking those who killed Lire, with great casualties the maggots were slain.
  • Event The great spider Kosh, driven away by the Milorn, heads into the mountainous region of Nemere and destroys the city of Pevet. (D) [C]

Period The destruction of Tamas (D) [A]
  • Event The leviathan Sydah sends a tidal wave crashing into the city. (D) [C]
    • Scene: Why did Sydah attack the Milorni port-city? (D) [A]Answer: The Tamasi had tried to trap Sydah with chains of iron in their harbor to harness the power of the beast, but it broke free and destroyed them instead.

Period The empire of Milorn declares war on the Lem tribes after accusations of human
sacrifice and summoning Sydah (D) [C]
  • Event The Lem-leader Tetri the Tiny is killed by Milorni raiders while warding the Lemmian coast from Sydah. (D) [C]
    • Scene Why did Tetri not resist? (L) [B]Answer: She could not escape without the ritual failing, saving her people from Sydah was more important than saving her own life.
    • Scene How did the ritual fail? (D) [B]Answer: Insect monsters in the service of Sydah dug up the protective runestones that Tetri spread across the beaches, breaking the seal and thereby removing the separation between ocean and land.
  • Event Lemmian refugees take to the seas, creating boat-cities and becoming the Xinur sea- traders and pirates. (D) [A]
  • Event The Lemmian shamans ally themselves with nature and hide their villages in the jungles of the Sanove peninsula to protect themselves from the Milorni soldiers. (L) [A]
  • Event Ryz, half-Lem half-Ledura son of Tetri, defeats a legion of Milorni soldiers in a guerilla attack by turning the jungle against his enemies (D) [C]

(End) Ryz the Wild crowns themselves the ruler of the city-state of Jali (D) A cruel ruler takes hold of the most important city-state by force. The peoples of the world hold their breath as to what happens next...

  • Event the previous ruler of Jali, Doro the Mute, dies of fangspider poison administered from his pet kavan plant that he snacks on. (D) [B]
  • Event Ryz the Wild uses his shamanistic powers to command the ropers of the palace gardens to capture the royal family and has them either killed or imprisoned. (D) [B]

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Solitaire Microscope - The rise of Man

This is a solitaire game of Microscope, where I use simulated players to inform the rough direction each turn is gonna go, but the actual c...